12/11/12 Gil's LotD: World's Largest Ball of Paint The creator of the world's largest ball of paint reflects on the journey.

7/28/12 Gil's LotD: Source Filmmaker

Valve has released the tool used to make its animated skits. It's already been put to good use to make the impressive Falcon punch video and a parody of Kayne West's music video for his song Power. I expect some great, high-quality videos to be made by hobbyists with this tool over the next year.

3/26/12 Gil's LotD: Putin Vladimir Putin's 2012 reelection campaign's commercial.

1/15/12 Gil's LotD: Ocean waves Tele-Present Water is a sculpture that remotely mimics ocean waves in real time.


12/1/11 Gil's LotD crap: Donations For once Japan's not the one making creepy shit!


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