10/21/10 Gil's LotD rms dances the Soulja Boy dance at MIT.

10/15/10 Gil's LotD: The Hot Toddies The Hot Toddies perform Photosynthesis live. Unfortunately the quality is pretty bad.

10/12/10 Gil's LotD This is the amount of tar that can be extracted from two boxes of cigarettes.

10/9/10 Gil's LotD The music video for Samba Saravah by Stacey Kent.

9/25/10 Gil's LotD A commercial for Molson Canadian beer.

9/22/10 Gil's LotD A Halo player gets fragged by a flying traffic cone.

9/21/10 Gil's LotD Andrew Bird performs A Nervous Tic Motion Of The Head To The Left live.


9/18/10 Gil's LotD This dog can't quite play dead.

9/17/10 Gil's LotD This puppy gives a little howl.

9/11/10 Gil's LotD The performance scene from the movie Linda Linda Linda.

9/10/10 Gil's LotD Texas state legislature representatives are caught voting multiple times on camera.


9/8/10 Gil's LotD A pedal powered car with a park.

Monday was Gil's LotD's 6th birthday! Happy birthday!


9/7/10 Gil's LotD Repairing high tension power lines from helicopters.



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