12/23/04 Gil's LotD

Gil's LotD
Gil is going out of town for Christmas, so I'll be mailing updates once a week.
http://www.fimoculous.com/year-review-2004.cfmA list of some of the best things of 2004
http://www.alltooflat.com/pranks/cube/ I visited this when I was in New York. Didn't know it would spin.
http://thefifthdistrict.com/potter/ This is a parody of Badgers.
http://space.com/searchforlife/seti_whattosay_041202.htmlWhat would you say to an extraterrestrial?

http://www.i-mockery.com/minimocks/domo/default.phpDomo kun's Angry Smashfest
http://www.dancedanceresurrection.i12.com/DDR- Dance Dance Resurrection
http://www.sushi-switzerland.ch/frame-robot-e.htmlNeed Sushi? This is the site for you
http://www.naughtycodes.com/ I should have posted this one before everone went Christmas shopping online.
http://neighborhoodies.com/catalog/default.phpA website that sells sweatshirts with your neighborhood on it
http://zebu.uoregon.edu/1997/ph161/alone.jpgDo you ride alone?
http://www.billboardliberation.com/Fight against advertising with the BLF