Gil's LotD!

7/4/20 Gil's LotD: Spaghettieis Spaghettieis is a German ice cream dish made to look like a plate of spaghetti.

4/13/15 Gil's LotD: Massimo Vignelli

1/26/15 Gil's LotD: LLVM Optimized Python Transform Python AST into LLVM IR for JIT execution.

12/4/14 Gil's LotD: Cornbread The history of cornbread in the South.


12/3/14 Gil's LotD: Internet Mainframes Project Mainframe terminals available on the public internet.

12/2/14 Gil's LotD: WiFi signal propagation Modeling the propagation of WiFi signals in an apartment to find the perfect router location.


12/1/14 Gil's LotD: Mitch Hedberg and GIS Finding all the La Quintas that are close to a Denny's.


11/30/14 Gil's LotD: The colors of chemistry A step-by-step tour on how to derive the visible spectra from absorption and emission spectra.

11/28/14 Gil's LotD: Porting GHC to amd64 and ppc64el The compelling story of how the Glasgow Haskell Compiler was ported to two new architectures.


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