12/31/06 Gil's LotD

This is the last link of 2006. It's been a good year! I probably should throw together some of my favorite links from the year. Anyway, a bit about LotD: right now I'm looking at moving LotD to a proper database driven website, and Drupal seems to be the way to go. If more comes up, I'll send out an update.

Having LotD on an actual website is the logical evolution. This thing started out as a daily link (only one a day!) to a couple of friends on IM. From there it was obvious to go to email which is the system here. Now we have around two years of links, most are not indexed or tagged, and the site is not easily searchable by The Google. My personal archives of LotD often have little more then the URL. A proper website will be more enticing to casual readers and browsers and add search and tagging capabilities, RSS feeds, automated submission and discussion I want for this site. I still want to keep the existing daily email as well.

http://labcam.cet.unomaha.edu/view/view.shtml Watch people watching traffic!
http://tynan.net/the-infamous-ghetto-indoor-pool The stoy of the ghetto pool. This person actually filled a pool inside of his apartment.
http://wiihacks.blogspot.com/2006/12/pulsevu-nintendo-wii-hardware-mod.html A cool hack to add pulsing LED lights to your Wii.