Cornmeal Biscuits

This recipe was from the excellent Rogue Dutch Oven Cookers.

I followed this to the letter and had tasty results. It appears that the charcoal used by the author produces loads more heat than the cheap Wal Mart brand charcoal that I used. Because of this it took over an hour of cooking time to get biscuits that were brown on top. Unfortunately, there was a somewhat tough, slightly burning bottom by that time. As time goes on I should be able to figure out the numbers required to get good heat out of this charcoal.

The biscuits were very tasty and had the characteristic cornmeal texture. They smell incredibly good and went great with honey. The buttermilk taste was a bit overwhelming so I'm thinking later attempts should try something to temper the buttermilk taste. Maybe use more water in the dough?

There are no pictures available because I can't find my camera.

On a general note: I cut the dough into roughly 14 smaller pieces and pressed two on top of each other to make the 7 biscuits. This gave biscuits that cleanly separated into two pieces for spreading butter or honey.

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