Pilgrim's Cranberry Apple Cobbler

This recipe was taken from the Everyday Dutch Oven blog. As things neared towards Thanksgiving he started putting up seasonal recipes and descriptions of his (elaborate) Thanksgiving Dutch Oven setups. I saw this recipe earlier in the month and tossed it into my file because of the cranberry. Also, right before Thanksgiving I went to the local Tractor Supply Store for their Black Friday deals. They had a regular height 12 incher for $15 (marked down from $20). This recipe was the first thing I made in that oven and I look forward to using it for future baked things. It was also my first time in a Tractor Supply Store and I got to have a good look around: they did have an aisle of tractor supplies. Outside of that they're a dry goods store with a fair amount of cast iron.

I baked this for Thanksgiving lunch following the printed instructions sans pecans. I went with around 18 top/7 bottom but I don't remember exact numbers. I was also using already-burned coals so I just tried to make a ring and went from there. It cooked for a good 60 minutes with rotations every 15. I was getting up during the meal to turn the lid.

The final result was done but was not brown on top because of the dying coals. The resulting cobbler was incredible. The apple and the cranberry went together well and the topping excellent. All of the other desserts were also chilled setting this one apart from the pack and making it go well with ice cream. I wish I could have eaten more warm but I was already stuffed with Thanksgiving dinner and had only room for a small scoop of this incredibly rich cobbler. I ate all the leftovers cold. Oddly enough the cranberries picked up a bit of sparkly tartness which made them taste almost carbonated when cold. This is an excellent recipe and is certainly one I will break out again in the future.

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