Stew pt. 2 and September DOG!

I baked the same stew as the previous recipe with the few tweaks mentioned. The low-sodium cream of mushroom worked just as planned and picked up the flavor of the stew by letting you taste more than the salt. A few of the bacon pieces were not as crispy which some people complained about: I guess people don't want a whole bacon. I was in a time rush otherwise I would have made all the bacon crispy. The finished product was delicious and a very solid addition to my repertoire. Thanks to Aaron for helping me peel the potatoes at the DOG - I left my potatoes at home and had to run into town to get an emergency bag!

As I mentioned in the last post I did this recipe at the September DOG. There were a total of about 12 ovens and a pretty good turnout. I think I did pretty well against the comparison but the green chile stew was the clear winner. Here's some pictures and commentary:

Aaron helping cut potatoes for my stew

Browning the beef chunks for my stew in the dutch oven

The DOG setup earlier a few hours before dinner

I think this meat wound up in the green chile. In the background you can see some cornbread and the construction of a dump cake.

Grilled asparagus! Piping hot, a tiny bit crunchy and delicious. I've had them with salt and with oil and lemon zest and both are excellent.

The green stuff is this green, not really spicy chile. It came out with just a whole bunch of subtle, spicy flavors and blew us away. The macaroni and cheese pictured has a Velveeta sauce. The water was boiled in the oven and the mix was baked in the same oven.

A lineup of most of the ovens.

Serving pork tenderloin parmesan out of the oven.

My finished stew! Delicious.

I think this was some kind of pumpkin bread. It was soft and delicious.

On the right is a hamburger casserole.

A giant cookie! It came out pretty brown but it wasn't burnt and was still tasty.

Some nice and fatty dutch oven cheesy potatoes. Delicious. Establishing a good cheesy potato side in my DO is on the to-do list.

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