Sweet Honey Cornbread

I pulled this recipe from Everyday Dutch Oven. I hadn't cooked it before but decided to give it a shot at my first DOG! I understand it's kind of mean to try something out on strangers but I'll cook what I want to cook, damn it.

My first DOG was composed of a bunch of Omahans camping out in a state park just south of town. I had never been there before and the weather was just fantastic. They had a great little setup with heat tables, tools and plenty of charcoal. Despite all my preparations I still forgot a few things like pliers and plates. Whoops. The people were nice and we had wonderful dutch oven conversation all evening long! I will certainly be returning and will try and bring friends along. I also learned that my dutch oven is actually a deep oven! This would explain my baking variability. I guess I'll have best results with big entrees like soups and roasts. The DOG had plenty of fancy meals and the gauntlet has certainly been thrown down. I'll need to find something big for next month!

The cornbread was mostly a technical success. I had lots of little coals on the bottom and could have probably done with fewer as it was a bit brown on the bottom. It was also pretty moist. The taste was unfortunately really bland. It wasn't all that sweet and the corn kernels were just weird. Honey didn't save the recipe. I don't think I'll be repeating this recipe again.

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