Upside-Down Rhubarb Cake pt. 2

The smashing success of the first recipe drove me to try and reproduce it about a week after the first cake. Although it was a while ago I think the two things I did differently were using tinfoil and redoing the coals. I think I was at 4 on the bottom and 18-19 at the top but there may have been 5 on the bottom. The tinfoil was used to help with the cake flip which came out perfectly this time.

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Kit Fox Cake

This is the Camp Cedars Kit Fox classic and my first stab at my new dutch oven.  In Kit Fox a gentleman by the name of Geoff would direct the construction of the cake every Friday for his classes of first year scouts.  It is by far my favorite dutch oven dessert and I had plenty of practice making it pretty much once every week this summer.  You can drop in pie filling or frost it for additional deliciousness.  I recommend cherry filling the best because at the cost of sweeter cake the cherries retain a delicious bitterness.

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