Features I'd like in PostgreSQL

I’ve put in my fair share of time with PostgreSQL. It has no shortage of functionality and I believe its expansive feature set drove a lot of its growing popularity in the 2010s. As my time with the database has worn on I’ve come up with a handful of features that I wish the database had. Some of these are ideas borrowed from other systems, some are inventions of my own. The real tragedy is that I simply don’t have the time to implement the patches myself.

CIA Reorganization

Ed. note - This is the transcription of a memo written to President Kennedy that explores the CIA's bureaucracy, explains its cultural problems, and suggests organizational reforms. It is dated June 30, 1961, not long after the infamous Bay of Pigs invasion in April of 1961. The author, Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., was a "roving reporter" who reported directly to the President. This is a candid and well-written memo.

How do I make our data warehouse OSHA compliant?

Ed. note: the cowards at the DBA Stackexchange deleted this post. It has been re-posted here for posterity.

How do I make our data warehouse OSHA compliant?

What are the safety techniques that we should follow in our data warehouse to guarantee OSHA compliance? The existing literature isn't very helpful. I bought yellow high visibility vests for all of my DBAs but they're refusing to put them on. - asked Apr 1, 2020 at 12:01

Title research in Steele Creek, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

If you've ever purchased real estate you may remember the deed: a legal document describing the property and declaring that the grantor, the old owner of the property, is giving it to the new owner, the grantee. A copy of the deed is usually filed with the county. This leaves a chain of deeds on file going all the way back to whatever was the original grant for the property. In the original thirteen colonies of the United States this chain goes all the way back to the original grants from the English monarch.

Gil's LotD Announces Russian Sanctions

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - In solidarity with the people of Ukraine, the Gil's LotD, Pro Football History.com and Omaha Poop Tracker websites have implemented economic sanctions against the Russian Federation in opposition to its war of aggression. The sanctions, a firewall on all IP connections originating from Russian IP origins, went into effect the morning of February 26th.