6/18/10 Gil's LotD A video of a North Korean rollercoaster.

6/15/10 Gil's LotD

6/14/10 Gil's LotD A music video made from stop motion dice animations.

6/5/10 Gil's LotD

6/3/10 Gil's LotD

6/2/10 Gil's LotD What if The Beatles were Irish?

5/29/10 Gil's LotD crap Quality creations from the Spore creature creator.

5/29/10 Gil's LotD A take on classic arcade games.

5/9/10 Gil's LotD crap Some fast food mascots have a night out in this music video.

5/28/07 Gil's LotD

5/28/07 Gil's LotD Watch John Cage perform live! and Twittervision Both sides use Google Maps to show twitter updates and flickr picture uploads where they occur around the world.

5/27/07 Gil's LotD

5/27/07 Gil's LotD
The trailer for Pirates of the Great Salt Lake.
A crazy little anecdote from a pilot of a SR-71.

5/23/07 Gil's LotD

5/23/07 Gil's LotD A video tour of how camera lenses are made. I love these types of videos. hey, that's fr. o

5/22/07 Gil's LotD

5/22/07 Gil's LotD A stitched-together music video for a disco cover of the Star Wars soundtrack. It's the best selling instrumental single to this day. Warning, NSFW. A silly masturbation synonym generator.


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