6/14/10 Gil's LotD A music video made from stop motion dice animations.

6/2/10 Gil's LotD What if The Beatles were Irish?

5/9/10 Gil's LotD crap Some fast food mascots have a night out in this music video.

5/28/07 Gil's LotD

5/28/07 Gil's LotD Watch John Cage perform live! and Twittervision Both sides use Google Maps to show twitter updates and flickr picture uploads where they occur around the world.

5/25/07 Gil's LotD

5/25/07 Gil's LotD A collection of performances of Beethoven's Eroica. Now selling a little coffin for wedding rings!

5/22/07 Gil's LotD

5/22/07 Gil's LotD A stitched-together music video for a disco cover of the Star Wars soundtrack. It's the best selling instrumental single to this day. Warning, NSFW. A silly masturbation synonym generator.

5/15/07 Gil's LotD

5/15/07 Gil's LotD This guy studied Saturday Night Fever and made this instructional video on how to do the Hustle. Val, take notes. A neat little music video using typefaces for all of the animation. Crazy iTunes music visualizer for Mac and Windows.

5/12/07 Gil's LotD

5/12/07 Gil's LotD A story about exploring the storm sewers under Las Vegas. Video of a concert held to celebrate this indie record label's 100th release.

5/8/07 Gil's LotD

5/8/07 Gil's LotD SAGE, open source math software. Does it go in the email field? Music video for a remix of Gay Boyfriend by The Hazzards. The original video is in the sidebar. A cover of the HD-DVD key.

3/26/07 Gil's LotD: kill -9, Language Incredible nerdcore rap. Be sure to view this video. An article by linguists rating the languages of the world.

3/22/07 Gil's LotD An amazingly hilarious cover of Baby Got Back by Jonathan Coulton. There was a version of the original music video synced to this song, unfortunately it was taken down. lol dmca


3/20/07 Gil's LotD Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk done a capella. The music video to Frontier Psychiatrist by The Avalanches. How about some Katamari love?

3/19/07 Gil's LotD The Flikr photoset of a photographer who plays with mathematical distortion of photos. Cool beans. The Super Mario Brothers theme on flute AND beatboxed at the same time! The story is somebody purchased some property with an old barn, and upon opening it found all these old cars preserved inside.

3/18/07 Gil's LotD A collection of jazz performances on YouTube. The blog of two friends' quest to find the best bowl of noodles in Asia.


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