3/17/07 Gil's LotD Photos of a castle in Slovenia built into the side of a mountain. A gallery of stuff stuck in bottles.

3/15/07 Gil's LotD Music video for Little Girls by Oingo Boingo. WTF From the title: Britain for Americans.

3/10/07 Gil's LotD Download the soundtracks from Pokemon games. A picture of the Northeastern US after a snowstorm.

3/3/07 Gil's LotD John Cage lives as a piano playing cat. France's only aircraft carrier has an interesting history. RIMPAC is a giant naval exercise done with whole fleets in the Pacific.


3/2/07 Gil's LotD An unaware diver was sucked into a water intake pipe in a lake and survived. A little homemade music video done on a Lite Brite.

2/28/07 Gil's LotD The music video to The Sweater by Meryn Cadell. A really cool PC case made with stained glass windows.

2/22/07 Gil's LotD Around the World by Daft Punk set to old video footage of the Charleston. A look at debugging features in the kernel which allow you to inject memory faults while the system is running. The Shanghai Star's interview with Mao's personal cook.

2/14/07 Gil's LotD Hikikomori is a recent Japanese phenomenon where teens and young adults completely shelter themselves from the outside world and live with their parents. Midnight Snacks is a podcast by W.T. Snacks which plays electronic music of all genres. Learn what everything is on the flight deck of a 777.


2/12/07 Gil's LotD: Thriller, LEDs, Profanity Video from a wedding of the entire wedding party doing the Thriller dance. Be sure to view this one. Sex positions illustrated by resistors and LEDs. Safe for work

2/7/07 Gil's LotD U! S! A! U! S! A! Warning, profanity at the end. It's not a bug, its a feature: paste "javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0" without the quotes into the titlebar of any page (in Firefox) and you can edit the page as it appears on your system as if it were a text document.

2/4/07 Gil's LotD Bearsuit - Steven Fing Spielberg. An unofficial music video to Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games by Of Montreal. It's pretty trippy. The story of an addict to RSS. I still have a ways to go to catch up with this guy.

2/3/07 Gil's LotD The history of Miserlou, or that one song from Pulp Fiction. Fifty fun things about credit cards!


1/20/07 Gil's LotD This blog is another collection of random and interesting things to learn. Apparently a Nelly Furtado song is plagarized from a Commodore 64 demoscene song. The Villa Emo.


12/22/06 Gil's LotD Asteroid's Revenge: play Asteroids as the asteroid and destroy the little triangles. RSSOwl is an open source RSS feed reader. At the moment I'm using GreatNews RSS Reader, but I'm going to try this program out because I really don't like the way GreatNews does tabs with IE.


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