11/19/06 Gil's LotD An introduction to male cramps. A humerous look at life on Wikipedia. Wikipedia's page on the band Air.

11/4/06 Gil's LotD Songbird is a free, open source MP3 and media player for MacOS X, Windows, and Linux. A story about implementing traffic information in a Google map.

10/30/06 Gil's LotD The Whitney music box, a hypnotic flash program. Be sure to see the other music boxes linked on the left. Open source implementation of the Traffic Tycoon game. It requires the original game in order to play although they are writing replacement code so everyone can use it.

10/22/06 Gil's LotD Music sponsored by companies to advertise their products.

10/19/06 Gil's LotD This page comes in from a brave LotD reader and freshman at Loyola Chicago who says he saw the tornado through the window of his dorm. The tornado was not enough to seperate him from a LAN game of Halo. RUNNING RIOT NPR's master list of the top 300 songs. The list is sorted alphabetically.


10/17/06 Gil's LotD Amazing photo of the International Space Station being silhouetted against the sun. Jonathan Coulton is a freelance musician who writes satirical songs accompanied by guitar.

10/13/06 Gil's LotD: Hipsters, Fish homes A Myspace profile is a LotD? OMGWTFBBQ. Check it out, its a cool local band. Check out the Fishloft. Instructions on how to make a plexiglass tube that goes in a pond and uses atmospheric pressure to keep itself full of the pond water, creating a loft for fishes. This is cool.

10/12/06 Gil's LotD Some tips on getting Linux to boot faster by starting processes simultaneously. Weird Al's latest music video, White and Nerdy.

10/5/06 Gil's LotD,_early_1940s.ogg And now for something completely different... a video of a Vibraphone orchestra. You definitely need to see this one.

7/26/06 Gil's LotD Etch-A-Sketch artwork. Ice cream truck songs! People upload videos from their cell phones for their 15 seconds of fame.


7/1/06 Gil's LotD Bollywood meets The Beatles. A MMO game which lets people drag letters around on a board.

6/11/06 Gil's LotD A ringtone made by the band They Might Be Giants called Call Connected through the NSA. A funny guide to choosing a career in medicine.


6/1/06 Gil's LotD A flaming tuba cover of Oops, I Did It Again. A job applicant is mixed up with an industry analyst and is sent out to speak on TV.


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