10/14/12 Gil's LotD: Statistics and R An introductory textbook to statistics and the R programming language.

4/28/12 Gil's LotD: Math books Project Gutenberg has started typesetting out-of-print math books in LaTeX.


10/29/11 Gil's LotD: Battleship A look at a system that estimates the probability of ship placements in Battleship.


10/6/11 Gil's LotD: Furniture arrangement UCLA mathematicians have created a system for automatically arranging furniture.

7/24/11 Gil's LotD: Braess's paradox It turns out that adding road capacity can sometimes cause worse travel times.

6/8/11 Gil's LotD: Crocheting math An interview with two professors who crocheted hyperbolic shapes to demonstrate their properties.

4/11/11 Gil's LotD: Hangman This post comes up with a method to find the hardest to guess hangman words and gives a list.

12/21/10 Gil's LotD: Water computers The USSR built a computer that used water to perform all of its calculations.

7/16/10 Gil's LotD A very understandable video introduction to the mathmatical field of topology.


5/20/07 Gil's LotD

5/20/07 Gil's LotD The software that designed this packaging had a SQL bug resulting in the query being printed on the package. That's right.

5/13/07 Gil's LotD

5/13/07 Gil's LotD An online program that you can use to transform and play with your face. A cool magazine ad for a travel company.

5/8/07 Gil's LotD

5/8/07 Gil's LotD SAGE, open source math software. Does it go in the email field? Music video for a remix of Gay Boyfriend by The Hazzards. The original video is in the sidebar. A cover of the HD-DVD key.


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