1/5/11 Gil's LotD: Super Large Hadron Collider There are plans for an even bigger particle accelerator after the LHC is done.


11/8/10 Gil's LotD: Electric discharge The tree-like shapes that electric discharges create. This is the kind of thing you see on lightning victims.

11/7/10 Gil's LotD: Glass physics This is a demonstration of the physics of rapidly cooled glass.

10/26/10 Gil's LotD Instead of walking along the bus route while waiting this paper found that the best choice is to wait.

10/12/10 Gil's LotD This is the amount of tar that can be extracted from two boxes of cigarettes.

10/7/10 Gil's LotD! Velcro under the microscope.

8/24/10 Gil's LotD

6/28/10 Gil's LotD Graphs of the data being transferred around the world from the experiments at the Large Hadron Collider.

6/23/10 Gil's LotD

6/20/10 Gil's LotD A timeline of human history set on a logarithmic scale.


6/6/10 Gil's LotD

5/27/10 Gil's LotD How to get access to the data from the Hubble Space Telescope.

4/10/07 Gil's LotD

4/10/07 Gil's LotD Kermit the Frog's cover of "Hurt." Photo of a supermarket. A very comprehensive reference page for constants.


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