5/27/06 Gil's LotD Videos of three alkali metals reacting in water (for those who have forgotten chemistry, they explode). From the video description: Every New Year's Eve, a group of friends gather to light a pickle. 120 volts of house current is passed through a pickle to create a dazzling show of light, sound, and smell.

5/9/06 Gil's LotD If you need a skull, these guys can help you.


5/2/06 Gil's LotD: Solar eclipse, Puppies What a solar eclipse looks like from space, this is really cool. A litter of puppies doesn't know how to take on a single cat.

4/26/06 Gil's LotD Information about the high-speed camera which took pictures of the first nuclear explosions.

4/23/06 Gil's LotD Mouse vs. GIANT CENTIPEDE. How to crack a Masterlock lock. This lake drained into a salt mine. Whoops.

4/21/06 Gil's LotD From the title: Top 10 Movies that went wrong See what Barnes and Noble will take for your books! A giant model of an area made to the scale of the little Lego people (minifigs).

4/5/06 Gil's LotD Russian soldier models made out of Cat5 cable. Without giving away the ending, it's a gymnast with super fast reflexes.

4/1/06 Gil's LotD This is what happens when you put CDs in the microwave.

3/31/06 Gil's LotD Apparently this island followed the feudal system until this year. This is an incredibly cool video of a bird who moonwalks. You definitely need to see this video.

3/29/06 Gil's LotD The Universal Decision Maker takes on your yes/no questions. The lunchclock will add extra time during the hours you specify so if you can convince your boss to use the clock you can get a longer break. This is an overview of how to tell what people are thinking about by analyzing where they are looking.


3/27/06 Gil's LotD Apparently, there's a plan to send a satellite up around Earth and have it eventually reenter in fifty thousand years. You can submit a message to be put in the satellite, the link is at the bottom of the page. A Japanese ad for noodles.

3/25/06 Gil's LotD A video of a water balloon being popped in space. A really cool video of a guy fishing by knocking on the side of his boat, making them jump out of the water. This video is incredible, at one point he has to protect his face from the jumping fish!

3/21/06 Gil's LotD: Snowflakes, Physics, Finance How to preserve snowflakes in superglue. A very entertaining and informative video about the double slit experiment. You should see this video. A website which lets individuals buy and sell small loans.

3/19/06 Gil's LotD|en&hl=en&ie=UTF8 A picture of some of the most brilliant scientists ever together at a single conference.


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