5/8/07 Gil's LotD

5/8/07 Gil's LotD SAGE, open source math software. Does it go in the email field? Music video for a remix of Gay Boyfriend by The Hazzards. The original video is in the sidebar. A cover of the HD-DVD key.

5/4/07 Gil's LotD

5/4/07 Gil's LotD Software that when given a map of paths will find a route for you! More map stuffs: Census data about density, race, and other population characteristics.

4/1/07 Gil's LotD The NSA's guides on how to secure your computer. A news photographer wanted to take a picture of a building being demolished. He put the camera on a stand and took off, the camera was destroyed, but the flash card survived, and the last pictures it took are in the article.

3/21/07 Gil's LotD: Personality, Dithering A very comprehensive personality test. This is an app which can do dithering with the same algorithm the old-school MacPaint used! Be sure to check this out.

2/22/07 Gil's LotD Around the World by Daft Punk set to old video footage of the Charleston. A look at debugging features in the kernel which allow you to inject memory faults while the system is running. The Shanghai Star's interview with Mao's personal cook.

2/21/07 Gil's LotD An interview with Jens Axboe, a kernel developer who works on I/O. A gallery of videos taken with high speed cameras.

2/16/07 Gil's LotD Shots of a partially melted then refrozen glacier which looks like a tidal wave of ice. An open source CD and DVD burning application for MacOS X.

1/8/07 Gil's LotD The Doner kebab is a Turkish sandwich-like dish. Download old versions of software apps. View USGS satellite images.

12/15/06 Gil's LotD Instructions on how to use Blender, an open source 3D modeling program to make origami versions of 3D computer models. The Loue river in France.

11/15/06 Gil's LotD Foxmarks is a Firefox plugin which lets you automatically sync/backup/mirror bookmarks across machines. I use them as backup for the LotD archives and queue.


11/8/06 Gil's LotD Tangerine analyzes the songs in iTunes to find their BPM and tries to make playlists of songs that go together energywise.


11/6/06 Gil's LotD A very interesting article about planespotters, people who track arrivals and departures of planes, and how a group of planespotters used the Internet to discover the CIA's system of secret prisons.


11/4/06 Gil's LotD Songbird is a free, open source MP3 and media player for MacOS X, Windows, and Linux. A story about implementing traffic information in a Google map.

10/30/06 Gil's LotD The Whitney music box, a hypnotic flash program. Be sure to see the other music boxes linked on the left. Open source implementation of the Traffic Tycoon game. It requires the original game in order to play although they are writing replacement code so everyone can use it.

10/14/06 Gil's LotD OpenMosix is a set of patches to the Linux kernel which combine a network of machines into a single supercomputer.


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