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10/26/11 Gil's LotD: Nestorian Stele The Nestorian Stele records the ancient history of Christianity in China. It was buried in 845.

10/14/11 Gil's LotD: Software complexity A rant on the desire to create "lightweight" open source software replacements. I'm linking this in particular because "To a first approximation, when someone says "Lightweight" what they mean is 'I don't understand the problems that the alternative solves'." is an excellent quote and summary of the issue.

9/30/11 Gil's LotD: ResExcellence The long-defunct Mac website ResExcellence has returned with its old content. Back in the day this site had all kinds of information about the workings of Macintosh systems and I personally learned quite a bit from it in grade school and junior high. It certainly set me on the path that led me to learning everything I know about software.

9/19/11 Gil's LotD: Inventables An online store to buy all kinds of cool little materials.

8/15/11 Secret Bonus Gil's LotD: Vileplume's Place While digging around on an old hard drive I found my very first website. I've put it back up on the web unedited.

8/8/11 Gil's LotD: Uniqlock The Uniqlock. Stop in at the top of the hour for a special clip.

7/28/11 Gil's LotD crap: Balkan I really, really don't know the context for this.


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