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5/4/06 Gil's LotD: Poetry, Stick figures, Music video Poems about the odd words in English, they are very cool. is hiliarious... a disco in an elevator. This is a must see. Photos taken of stick figures... in peril. This is pretty funny.

5/2/06 Gil's LotD: Solar eclipse, Puppies What a solar eclipse looks like from space, this is really cool. A litter of puppies doesn't know how to take on a single cat.

4/24/06 Gil's LotD: Foshata

The original website for this LotD has been discontinued. However, a clone is available at

4/17/06 Gil's LotD: Zelda, The Internet, Homebrew clocks Old ad for the original NES Zelda game. A map of the backbone routers of the Internet. This is pretty cool. A homemade clock which uses a single LED in a circle of LEDs to represent hour, minute, and second hands.

4/12/06 Gil's LotD: Accents, Lighting, Hey Jude, Skunks This program tries to give examples of English accents from around the world. BMW has created custom lighting for Airbus, looks cool.

3/23/06 Gil's LotD: Hardcore alarm clarks, Driving pranks An alarm clock which has a puzzle on top you need to solve in order to stop its alarm. Drivers go the speed limit which blocks off all traffic. A good, short documentary.

3/21/06 Gil's LotD: Snowflakes, Physics, Finance How to preserve snowflakes in superglue. A very entertaining and informative video about the double slit experiment. You should see this video. A website which lets individuals buy and sell small loans.


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