7/31/11 Gil's LotD: Apple II Someone's wired a bunch of Apple IIs together to get them to work together in parallel.

7/5/11 Gil's LotD: Fonts A free reproduction of the really old Mac bitmap fonts.

6/11/11 Gil's LotD: Apple The typefaces Apple Computer has used throughout its history.

4/12/11 Gil's LotD: Text rendering gdipp reimplements the Windows text renderer to give it Mac-like anti-aliasing.

1/14/11 Gil's LotD: Pashua Pashua is a simple way to create native MacOS X GUIs for various languages.

1/6/11 Gil's LotD: MacOS X keyloggers logkext is a keylogger kernel extension for MacOS X.

10/2/10 Gil's LotD John Siracusa's review of MacOS X 10.5. I'm a bit late here.

7/22/10 Gil's LotD Keep your iPod from being stolen by hiding it inside a case that looks like a Zune!


3/21/07 Gil's LotD: Personality, Dithering A very comprehensive personality test. This is an app which can do dithering with the same algorithm the old-school MacPaint used! Be sure to check this out.

2/16/07 Gil's LotD Shots of a partially melted then refrozen glacier which looks like a tidal wave of ice. An open source CD and DVD burning application for MacOS X.

2/11/07 Gil's LotD HDR time-lapse photo of Bangkok from a tall tower. Very cool. This guy proposed to his girlfriend using Dashboard widgets in MacOS X.

12/4/06 Gil's LotD Now you can buy shot that seasons the bird! The infamous Dungeons and Dragons video clip, redone with machinima. Some tips for compressing good quality videos with QuickTime.

12/3/06 Gil's LotD!B92B8B0496E1EBFC!258.entry A speech by Steve Jobs. Peace through Pork, one of those silicone bracelets you can but which says "pork." How to compile the kernel in Ubuntu.

11/29/06 Gil's LotD


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