12/22/11 Gil's LotD: Transit maps Real and fake public transportation maps from all around the world.

11/27/11 Gil's LotD: City grids The New York City grid extended to the entire planet.

11/18/11 Gil's LotD: Mental maps This software allows users to draw a mental map of an area and squish the real map to their drawing. There's no demo available but there is code on GitHub.

8/26/10 Gil's LotD A collaborative wiki of user uploaded shapes that can be used on a map.


7/30/10 Gil's LotD: Gerrymandering A paper on a nifty algorithm for drawing up representative districts fairly.

7/25/10 Gil's LotD A paper reviewing the different map projections used by the USGS.


5/28/07 Gil's LotD

5/28/07 Gil's LotD Watch John Cage perform live! and Twittervision Both sides use Google Maps to show twitter updates and flickr picture uploads where they occur around the world.

5/26/07 Gil's LotD

5/26/07 Gil's LotD News story about the difference between the way Japanese and Americans look at faces. ^_____^ This designer made an entire dining set with a topo map theme.

5/4/07 Gil's LotD

5/4/07 Gil's LotD Software that when given a map of paths will find a route for you! More map stuffs: Census data about density, race, and other population characteristics.

4/2/07 Gil's LotD

4/2/07 Gil's LotD An
interactive map showing all the connections between the different branches
of science.
The Snoezelen is a room designed for children with severe mental
disabilities and features soothing (read trippy) visual stimulation.
lol, toilet mountain

3/28/07 Gil's LotD,1697,2102559,00.asp Using Google Earth to study data from the US Census. A guide to setting up Ubuntu as a wireless router, but should work for most distros and systems with a bit of tweaking.

2/26/07 Gil's LotD A tribute to the bald eagle. The Eisenhower Interstate system drawn as a subway map. Cool stuff.


1/14/07 Gil's LotD Make your own motivational posters! A map connecting all of the Zip codes in ascending order, revealing the boundaries and patterns of the system.



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