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12/18/13 Gil's LotD: IMFDB The Internet Movie Firearm Database. Identifies every gun in every movie and video game.

7/28/12 Gil's LotD: Source Filmmaker

Valve has released the tool used to make its animated skits. It's already been put to good use to make the impressive Falcon punch video and a parody of Kayne West's music video for his song Power. I expect some great, high-quality videos to be made by hobbyists with this tool over the next year.

4/2/12 Gil's LotD: MapsTD MapsTD is a tower defense game with maps dynamically generated from Google Maps locations.

3/30/12 Gil's LotD: GoldenEye There's a hidden ZX Spectrum emulator in the GoldenEye 64 release carts.

3/7/12 Gil's LotD: SNES Coprocessors All of the coprocessors released with SNES games have been reverse engineered.

7/23/11 Gil's LotD: Creepers Gotta Creep A concept album about the life of a Minecraft creeper. I found it very enjoyable.

7/13/11 Gil's LotD: Boatmurdered Boatmurdered is the tale of a Dwarf Fortress game. Dwarf Fortress is an incredibly detailed game where you manage an underground cave fortress of dwarves and mine for treasure. This save file was handed off to several people throughout its life and the story of this fortress is amazing. You won't stop laughing.

6/21/11 Gil's LotD: Zelda Pretty much every sound effect from every Zelda game.

5/29/11 Gil's LotD: Pixel art Multiple algorithms are available to upsample pixel art (frequently found in old video games). Wikipedia's article compares several algorithms and shows some impressive results. This paper was also recently released and also gives excellent results. The supplementary material link lets you visually compare different algorithms.


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