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5/13/11 Gil's LotD: Ducks The default duck sounds in the game Minecraft replaced.

2/8/11 Gil's LotD: Pac-Man A very thorough article about Pac-Man. Be sure to read the description of the ghost AI.

1/16/11 Gil's LotD: mySQLgame SQL queries the video game.

12/11/10 Gil's LotD: Typing speed Race other people in real time to find out your typing speed. I can pretty consistently get 80 wpm and peak at 100 wpm.

12/3/10 Gil's LotD: Video game glitches Someone glitched Pikachu's skin onto Ganondorf's model in Super Smash Brothers. The result is disturbing.

11/2/10 Gil's LotD: Mastering video game levels This is a replay of a very challenging user-made level in Super Mario World. Each Mario you see on the screen is the path the player took on each replay. By stitching them together you can see all the different attempts the player took in order to master the level.

10/16/10 Gil's LotD Click to go up the stairs. Try and beat your own record.

10/1/10 Gil's LotD


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