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4/28/06 Gil's LotD Grow. It's a RPG. You can figure it out yourself. The worst technology of 2006 (so far). Gil is the proud owner of one of those Acer 3000 laptops. More low airplane footage.

4/25/06 Gil's LotD A music video for the Picard song done in The Sims 2. An interview with a collector who has thousands of video games all shelved up in his basement. An article about a tiny little car

4/22/06 Gil's LotD A video showing how to take apart the GameCube. A Harvard professor teaches a class about a system to follow to become happy.

4/10/06 Gil's LotD Music video from UK band The Bees. The trailer to a documentary about a man whose goal is to break the record of Missile Command.

4/9/06 Gil's LotD A guide to using the best inks that are resistant to check washing. A test to judge your listening skills. The Blueprint Game requires you to use the given objects to send a ball from start to finish.

4/8/06 Gil's LotD This is a very amazing Shockwave game which is a first person 3D shooter that runs entirely in Shockwave in your browser. This game is a beta, and is designed to be played against other people (I won't show you how to set that up). If the software says it needs to install something for this video, it's probably a good idea to go along with it. Mac people need to go into the video settings in the preferences and change the graphics mode to OpenGL from DirectX.

4/5/06 Gil's LotD Russian soldier models made out of Cat5 cable. Without giving away the ending, it's a gymnast with super fast reflexes.

3/10/06 Gil's LotD One of the earliest clips from the Transformers movie. Map interesting things found curbside in New York. A review of a mod of Super Mario Bros 3.

3/7/06 Gil's LotD

2/26/06 Gil's LotD See how long you can avoid collision. Church sign generator.

2/25/06 Gil's LotD

2/24/06 Gil's LotD A map of the World of Warcraft. Independently get music onto online music stores.


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