4/15/11 Gil's LotD: Dutch Oven Madness This blog is the record of a woman who cooked a meal every day in a Dutch Oven for her family.

3/31/11 Gil's LotD: Scouting NY This blog is full of all kinds of cool and obscure New York City locations by a movie scout.

3/30/11 Gil's LotD: Running from the camera Pictures taken of a man running away from his own camera.

12/31/10 Gil's LotD: Firefox A funny anecdote about Firefox from one of the founders of the project.


12/10/10 Gil's LotD: LP Cover Lover Strange album artwork every day.


8/5/10 Gil's LotD Instructions on smoking and cooking homemade bacon.

7/23/10 Gil's LotD Pictures of miniature people posed as if they were living in the world around us.


7/20/10 Gil's LotD This blog reviews cool and useful tools.


7/10/10 Gil's LotD This blog posts daily newspaper comics who run a penultimate panel with no speech.


7/8/10 Gil's LotD A blog of mailed in postcards answering the question "What are you doing, you know, more generally?".


7/7/10 Gil's LotD Baseball scenes acted out with legos.

7/6/10 Gil's LotD A blog of mystery emails sent to the wrong person.


7/5/10 Gil's LotD Blogging about the New York subway and its issues.

6/26/10 Gil's LotD A very comprehensive blog of reviews of Japanese Whisky.


5/7/07 Gil's LotD: Books, Dante's Inferno, Pulp Fiction

5/7/07 Gil's LotD A blog all about judging books by their covers. Trailer for a remake of Dante's Inferno using paper dolls. It looks really cool, and if your computer can handle it view the HD trailer. Isn't QuickTime great? The Pulp Fiction trailer with Muppets edited in to the clip. SFW


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