2/28/07 Gil's LotD The music video to The Sweater by Meryn Cadell. A really cool PC case made with stained glass windows.

1/19/07 Gil's LotD The New Yorker on the changing heights of countries around the world. This is a gallery of pictures of a cool art exhibit of many pencil stubs glued together by hand.


1/15/07 Gil's LotD Videos of an artist who works entirely with spray paint. Dracula's castle is for sale! photo gallery of impressive old Soviet bus stops.


12/25/06 Gil's LotD A photo gallery of amazing sand sculptures. Write a letter to your agnostic and atheist friends, and then when the rapture happens this guy will mail them.

12/18/06 Gil's LotD Java applets which visually demonstrate various sorting algorithms. These are graphs which show a user's clicks throughout the day as a single image.

12/13/06 Gil's LotD A cool physics demonstration video of the Ruben's tube. It's a giant ball of cameras and screens that lets you see through to the other side. A plaque has been placed to honor Sir Edward Corey, a bacon pioneer.

12/8/06 Gil's LotD The infamous Knox's Korner. Be sure to check out the Klay Swimming Pool video. This person collected humerous helpdesk tickets created by a coworker named George. A lost Andy Warhol presentation made for the Amiga has been found.


11/2/06 Gil's LotD Recipes that include Spam cut into the shape of a pill of Viagra. A gallery of pages all about different and crazy hotel rooms. Buy lamps made of big lumps of salt online.


10/2/06 Gil's LotD Pictures drawn in the dust of dirty cars. Instructions on how to change the kernel's kernel panic error message screen to any picture you want, even the BSOD. Pictures of different Japanese vending machines.

8/23/06 Gil's LotD An art project where the boxes from Counter-Strike were made into real life boxes.,_Virginia Goochland County, Virginia. How to make a random number generator using a radioactive source (which decays randomly).

7/31/06 Gil's LotD This guy installs sculptures that look like people in random city places. A page about Dell's support for Linux on their PCs.


5/14/06 Gil's LotD The famous argument sketch by Monty Python. Strange home gadgets. This website will let you place speech bubbles on photos.

4/18/06 Gil's LotD This explains how an interactive sculpture works. This music video reads in the weather for your area and generates its music video based on it. A cool picture of balloons rising out of the fog.

12/24/06 Gil's LotD A video about how pop stars are made. This fellow makes little sculptures by carving out crayons. A really good stop motion film of two friends in a fight. Definitely check this video out.

1/4/06 Gil's LotD: Schizophrenia

Gil's LotD The progression of schizophrenia within Louis Wain's artwork. Unfortunately, it's fictional.
I personally think this link is really cool.


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