5/27/07 Gil's LotD

5/27/07 Gil's LotD
The trailer for Pirates of the Great Salt Lake.
A crazy little anecdote from a pilot of a SR-71.

4/5/07 Gil's LotD

4/5/07 Gil's LotD An incredible video of a little robot who is designed to dance to communicate with humans. Be sure to see the video of the robot dancing to Spoon. More information about Keepon!

6/8/06 Gil's LotD

Gil's LotD I'm not sure what this is, but it looks Japanese fanart of Nintendo characters. At the end of this story is video footage of ice tea being poured on a plane doing a barrel roll and not a drop is spilled. Users vote on pictures to help create better looking pictures.

12/3/05 Gil's LotD

12/3/05 Gil's LotD,,2-1884818,00.html The latest in airplane design.

12/2/05 Gil's LotD

12/2/05 Gil's LotD A feature story about the place where all the unclaimed baggage goes.

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