5/15/07 Gil's LotD

5/15/07 Gil's LotD This guy studied Saturday Night Fever and made this instructional video on how to do the Hustle. Val, take notes. A neat little music video using typefaces for all of the animation. Crazy iTunes music visualizer for Mac and Windows.

4/5/07 Gil's LotD

4/5/07 Gil's LotD An incredible video of a little robot who is designed to dance to communicate with humans. Be sure to see the video of the robot dancing to Spoon. More information about Keepon!

3/25/06 Gil's LotD A video of a water balloon being popped in space. A really cool video of a guy fishing by knocking on the side of his boat, making them jump out of the water. This video is incredible, at one point he has to protect his face from the jumping fish!

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