4/27/11 Gil's LotD: Minerals The mineral of sodium bicarbonate is called Nahcolite. Get it?

4/20/11 Gil's LotD: Spoilers Wikipedia has collected a list of the most notable spoilers in TV and film.


4/13/11 Gil's LotD: Russian cursive Learn how Russian is written in cursive!


3/20/11 Gil's LotD: Permanent Court of International Justice The Permanent Court of International Justice was the international court of the League of Nations.

3/16/11 Gil's LotD: Davy Crockett The Davy Crockett was a portable nuclear warhead for battlefields.

3/14/11 Gil's LotD: Geosmin Geosmin is what you smell after it rains.

3/12/11 Gil's LotD: Nazi dinosaurs Major Bummer was a short-lived comic book series.

3/4/11 Gil's LotD: Timothy Treadwell The subject of the documentary Grizzly Man. Timothy lived with the bears and when the bears starved they ate him.

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2/29/11 Gil's LotD: Banana equivalent dose Measuring radiation compared to the amount found in a banana.

2/28/11 Gil's LotD: Ordinal indicator There's a difference between the ordinal indicator and the degree symbol.



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