8/19/10 Gil's LotD This ancient sword was found in an archaeological dig site in China in nearly perfect condition.


8/14/10 Gil's LotD Kazakhstan's first satellite.


8/11/10 Gil's LotD See the difference from regular DVD quality to HD in the original Star Wars trilogy.

7/28/10 Gil's LotD Chore Wars is an RPG based around completing household chores.


7/27/10 Gil's LotD crap Hear a sexy voice read out your IP address.

7/27/10 Gil's LotD: Local Wikipedia This guy wrote a nifty program to index, search and display a local copy of Wikipedia.

7/26/10 Gil's LotD Open source software that uses multiple GPS receivers to find the distances between them.

7/20/10 Gil's LotD This blog reviews cool and useful tools.


7/19/10 Gil's LotD: Keyboard cleaning A reporter tries to confirm the urban legend that cleaning keyboards in a dishwasher is safe. It works for his dishwasher but he shares warnings from manufacturers.

7/17/10 Gil's LotD Homemade project to leech from multiple open wireless networks for a faster connection.

7/15/10 Gil's LotD Nomic is a game where you play by adding and changing the rules and changing the rules as you go along.


7/14/10 Gil's LotD An interview with a person who explores and photographs underground storm drains.

7/5/10 Gil's LotD Blogging about the New York subway and its issues.

6/28/10 Gil's LotD Graphs of the data being transferred around the world from the experiments at the Large Hadron Collider.


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