11/5/10 Gil's LotD: Sandwiches This is an extensive list of quality sandwiches sold in America.


6/7/10 Gil's LotD A documentary on sandwiches from around the country.

4/1/07 Gil's LotD The NSA's guides on how to secure your computer. A news photographer wanted to take a picture of a building being demolished. He put the camera on a stand and took off, the camera was destroyed, but the flash card survived, and the last pictures it took are in the article.

3/25/07 Gil's LotD Tips on taking pictures of roads. The ultimate weenie roaster. Introducing the Lord Falconer, Baron of Thoronton.

3/18/07 Gil's LotD A collection of jazz performances on YouTube. The blog of two friends' quest to find the best bowl of noodles in Asia.

3/13/07 Gil's LotD The history of the "printer on fire" CUPS error. A guide to secret menu items in chain restaurants! What is the purpose of a USB absinth spoon?


3/6/07 Gil's LotD A crazy Chicago commercial for auto insurance? Be sure to check this out: this setup in a van uses cameras, projectors, and lasers to paint pictures on the sides of a building in real time with a laser pointer. I want to do this.

3/4/07 Gil's LotD Not a barter economy, a gift economy: everyone gives gifts! There's a phobia for the number 666! Tiramisu is a dessert popular in Northern Italy.

1/8/07 Gil's LotD The Doner kebab is a Turkish sandwich-like dish. Download old versions of software apps. View USGS satellite images.

12/13/06 Gil's LotD A cool physics demonstration video of the Ruben's tube. It's a giant ball of cameras and screens that lets you see through to the other side. A plaque has been placed to honor Sir Edward Corey, a bacon pioneer.

12/7/06 Gil's LotD This show is supposed to be about the daily lives of typical Japanese schoolgirls. All about wasabi. Flash music video for the Weird Al song Albuquerque, warning 10 MB size.

12/4/06 Gil's LotD Now you can buy shot that seasons the bird! The infamous Dungeons and Dragons video clip, redone with machinima. Some tips for compressing good quality videos with QuickTime.

6/29/06 Gil's LotD A comparison of the Wall Street Journal's picture of Steve Ballmer. A Rubik's cube in five dimensions!

10/7/05 Gil's LotD

Gil's LotD A vending machine that makes french fries on the spot.


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