The complete history of the X Windows color list. Written by a Soviet defector this book gives a great insight into the Soviet leadership's mindset. POSIX forbids using strcpy in signal handlers. Here's how to get around that. Managing coffee orders in the workplace.

Gil's LotD turns 10 today. Thank you to all the readers and all of the contributors/maintainers over the years. I'm proud of this collection and I look forward to seeing another 10 years of great content archived. If you want a trip down memory lane take a look at the Best of LotD! Rejit is a regular expression engine that uses a JIT for code generation. It also makes use of fancy modern CPU tricks like SIMD instructions. The secrets of the universe. George W. Bush kept a mailing list of friends right up until he won the presidency. Satis smart toilets have a hard coded password allowing anyone to flush and lift the lid remotely. The Long View writes about long-forgotten technical details from the original Macintosh system. Studying Mario Kart performance over time with video analytics software.

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