Gil's LotD Announces Russian Sanctions

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. - In solidarity with the people of Ukraine, the Gil's LotD, Pro Football and Omaha Poop Tracker websites have implemented economic sanctions against the Russian Federation in opposition to its war of aggression. The sanctions, a firewall on all IP connections originating from Russian IP origins, went into effect the morning of February 26th.

Installing Windows 7 on an iMac 12,1 in 2022

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I've had this iMac 12,1 sitting around for a few years unused. The iMac was released in 2011 with a Sandy Bridge i5, a big, beautiful monitor, 12 GB of RAM or so, and an integrated, laptop-grade Radeon 6750M graphics card. I thought it might make a good web browsing appliance but I didn't realistically see it getting much use in this household. At the same time, though, I don't play games released in the past decade. So maybe I can throw Windows 7 on it, have a stable Windows machine around for once, and have an actual gaming PC? I went for it.

The Worst Employee Ever

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This is archived from the original post still on the Internet Archive. I was bowled over by the lack of awareness here so I just had to archive it. There are several images in the original blog post that I haven't backed up. However, I did pull down the real whopper - an excerpt from the termination letter - and put that up.



I was employed by Hudson River Trading (HRT).

Zappa vs Mangum

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Zappa and Mangum[1] are Python libraries that parse events from Amazon's API Gateway and feed them into a Python WSGI or ASGI application. This allows you to put API Gateway in front of a Lambda runtime, have Lambda execute the service requests that come in through API Gateway, and code your service logic in any Python web framework.

Disk caching in the year 2020

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In the previous blog post I went over the design of storage systems and how they protect themselves from data loss in the face of disk failure or unclean shutdowns. If you’re putting together the hardware yourself modern Linux systems and modern hardware give you endless cost, performance and durability tradeoffs for whatever system you want. But 2020 also gives us the cloud, and storage systems in the cloud whose durability far exceeds whatever you could build yourself.

Durability in the year 2020

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It is the year 2020 and we still don’t have great answers to data durability in the face of unclean shutdowns. Unclean shutdowns are things like power outages, system faults and unlucky kernel panics and preventing data loss when they happen is a hard problem. I’m going to talk through a few ways these can cause data loss in this blog post but you can probably come up with new ones on your own - exotic failures that no system will ever handle correctly. In the year 2020, the conventional wisdom is still true. Always take backups, and RAID is no substitute for backups.