A random collection of daily links drawn from the depths of the Internet.

12/26/13 Gil's LotD: CMS Trap

http://hakunin.com/cms-trap Wise advice on how to structure a web app to avoid falling into a complexity pit.

12/23/13 Gil's LotD: RetroBSD

http://retrobsd.org/wiki/doku.php RetroBSD is a port of 2.11BSD to microcontroller hardware.


12/21/13 Gil's LotD: System 7 emulated

http://jamesfriend.com.au/pce-js/ Emulate Macintosh System 7 in Javascript in your browser.


12/20/13 Gil's LotD: Walking NYC

http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/books/2013/09/a-walker-in-the-city.html One man walked almost every street in New York City and has written a book on his experiences.


12/18/13 Gil's LotD: IMFDB

http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Main_Page The Internet Movie Firearm Database. Identifies every gun in every movie and video game.


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