6/10/06 Gil's LotD

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4134446112378047444# This is Bill Gates talking about a demo of the next version of Windows, called Vista, only the screen has been replaced with MacOS X to show that the competition already has all of the features.

9/30/05 Gil's LotD

Gil's LotD
http://www.byopvr.com/ Building your own digital recording device

8/16/05 Gil's LotD

Gil's LotD
http://www.officeguns.com/gunadv_super_maul.html Build a very powerful weapon out of clips and rubber bands


8-8-05 Gil's LotD

Gil's LotD
http://www.dansdata.com/sbs3.htm How to damage your computer


7/22/05 Gil's LotD

Gil's LotD
http://www.astromech.net/Lists/Tutorials/Default.htm How to build a Star Wars astromech droid

4/12/05 Gil's LotD

Gil's LotD
Gil will be in Chicago for the next couple of days in the national Academic Decathalon tournament, so if you don't get LoTD for a day it should be back the next.
http://www.techfreakz.org/fishmon/ Putting fish behind your screen
http://kernelthread.com/software/ams2hid/ The Apple sudden motion sensor- it detects when your laptop has been dropped or thrown, and uses that to protect your data

4/10/05 Gil's LotD

Gil's LotD
http://www.rexfeatures.com/features/516925/ The world's ugliest car
http://www.flickr.com/photos/w00kie/sets/180637/ using a picture of what's behind your laptop as your background

3/22/05 Gil's LotD

Gil's LotD
http://web.media.mit.edu/~nanda/projects/clocky.html Technology is wonderful.

3/15/05 Gil's LotD

Gil's LotD
http://www.typingtest.com/ Mine was 65 WPM on the 3 minutes test.
http://zaverio.net/laptop/index-en.php A wooden case for a laptop

3/13/05 Gil's LotD

2/21/05 Gil's LotD

Gil's LotD
http://users.lmi.net/~eve/barbie.html Change what your Barbie/GI Joe is saying
http://www.flashplayer.com/music/thenewcatcameback_movie.php#bottom If I see that damn cat one more time...

1/27/05 Gil's LotD: Dragostea Din Tei, Pranks

Gil's LotD
Four links today to make up for two days ago
http://youtube.com/watch?v=RwVxrIO_A9s Remember Dragostea Din Tei? This is the actual music video.
http://www.andrew.cmu.edu/user/adamp/sign/ hacking a sign
http://bitzi.com/lookup/MMDFTEWIBCMLM43Y2UJOYY764BNOIHA3 Moe Koffman- Curried Soul

1/26/05 Gil's LotD

Gil's LotD
Now that I'm looking at the archives, it seems that I forgot to send out yesterday's link of the day. In a little bit I'll make up for that one.
http://richfiles.solarbotics.net/Turbo.html hacking Texas Instruments calculators

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