2/23/06 Gil's LotD Darth Vader shows his turntable skills. Mr. T explains weather models.

2/16/06 Gil's LotD Search for websites which have copied your content. Java applet that models galaxy collisions that you specify.

2/14/06 Gil's LotD Photos of solar activity from fancy telescopes. Students hijack motorized chalkboards in a lecture hall and set them to music. Law and Order: SVU valentines.

2/3/06 Gil's LotD See your own blind spots. Look up local radio station's rankings.

1/30/06 Gil's LotD

Gil's LotD Science has given us glow in the dark pigs.

12/16/05 Gil's LotD

Gil's LotD Description of how a guy made a linux powered keg refrigerator.

12/10/05 Gil's LotD: Kansas

12/10/05 Gil's LotD From the Annals of Improbable Reseach: A study showing Kansas is flatter then a pancake.

12/3/05 Gil's LotD

12/3/05 Gil's LotD,,2-1884818,00.html The latest in airplane design.

11/18/05 Gil's LotD

11/18/05 Gil's LotD
The webpage is a scale model of the solar system.

11/14/05 Gil's LotD

Gil's LotD It's a rust icicle.

11/4/05 Gil's LotD


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