11/20/06 Gil's LotD A blog about MacOS X on regular x86 PCs. Make a solar panel charger for your iPod while backpacking.


10/21/06 Gil's LotD Oxford's distributed computing program to find molecules suitable for curing cancer. They also have a site on their page which lets you draw up a molecule, then they will test to see if it may be a possible cure. The Mac Chick of the Month.

10/2/06 Gil's LotD Pictures drawn in the dust of dirty cars. Instructions on how to change the kernel's kernel panic error message screen to any picture you want, even the BSOD. Pictures of different Japanese vending machines.

9/21/06 Gil's LotD

Gil's LotD Wikipedia on System Shock 2. Axel is a command line download accelerator which works like wget. I got it to compile and run fine under MacOS X.

8/28/06 Gil's LotD 5 AWESOMELY GREAT APPLICATIONS FOR MAC USERS ONLY ROFLCOPTER This page is about subway stations and the art inside of them around the world. Calculate a car's weight by measuring its area touching the ground and tire pressure.

8/21/06 Gil's LotD: Graphing Calculator, iPods A great story about the graphing calculator program that was included with all PPC macs. YamiPod is a program for Mac and Windows which lets you copy music to and from iPods without the iTunes program.

8/19/06 Gil's LotD Information about a prize glowing cube Apple gave to some student programmers. Nine bladed scissors for paper shredding.


8/2/06 Gil's LotD The 10 oddest iPod accessories. A story about the guy who draws the different logos for Google.

8/1/06 Gil's LotD How to get movies to play in full screen in QuickTime without paying for QuickTime Pro. A free alternative DNS service which has very speedy servers and blocks some phishers, typosquatters, and spammers. I like the service a lot, I configured our home router to use it for DNS so now the whole network here uses their service.

7/24/06 Gil's LotD Benchmarks run comparing the old System 6 with modern PCs. Default and backdoor passwords for many BIOSes. Turn your Mac's motion sensor into a seismograph and detect earthquakes!


7/17/06 Gil's LotD

6/28/06 Gil's LotD All of the programs that take advantage of the motion sensors in the latest Mac laptops, very cool. The Oops list of crashed vehicles. Another Diet Coke and Mentos video.

6/10/06 Gil's LotD This is Bill Gates talking about a demo of the next version of Windows, called Vista, only the screen has been replaced with MacOS X to show that the competition already has all of the features.

5/28/06 Gil's LotD A blog post of a guy's reflections about working in Apple's support division.


4/2/06 Gil's LotD A MacOS X screensaver which runs the game of live in a OpenGL shader, which means that the entire screen is being drawn by the graphics card. You can use this as a sort of benchmark for Mac graphics cards. Pacman takes a trip to the library.


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