6/15/12 Gil's LotD: Leap seconds There will be a leap second on June 30.


4/11/12 Gil's LotD: Criticisms of PHP A comprehensive collection of criticisms of the PHP language and its standard library.

3/30/12 Gil's LotD: GoldenEye There's a hidden ZX Spectrum emulator in the GoldenEye 64 release carts.

3/11/12 Gil's LotD: Time Find out the accuracy of your computer clock.


3/7/12 Gil's LotD: SNES Coprocessors All of the coprocessors released with SNES games have been reverse engineered.

11/14/11 Gil's LotD: Lions' Commentary The famous Lions' Commentary on UNIX is available for free online. Wikipedia.

11/5/11 Gil's LotD: Undersea cables A presentation on the history and development of undersea cables.


11/3/11 Gil's LotD: Reverse engineering The MacOS Re project attempted to build a booting system for old Macs from scratch. The project is now dead but there is source and documentation available on the website.

11/1/11 Gil's LotD: Pixar Selected pages from the founding documents of Pixar.


10/27/11 Gil's LotD: The Bacone The Bacone is a success story from the field of modern bacon research.


10/22/11 Gil's LotD: SJIS emoticons (っ´ω`)っ Have this handy collection of SJIS emoticons!


10/20/11 Gil's LotD: Programmable Christmas lights This guy reverse engineered these Christmas lights and published a guide on programming them. They're kinda expensive but otherwise a really nifty Christmas decoration.


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