6/4/11 Gil's LotD: Ice ribbons Forming tiny ribbons of ice by freezing water in pipes with a slit in them.

6/2/11 Gil's LotD crap: Synthesizer An electric organ wired into an 8-bit synthesizer.


5/30/11 Gil's LotD: 6502 This is a 6502 CPU simulated at the transistor level in your browser!

5/29/11 Gil's LotD: Pixel art Multiple algorithms are available to upsample pixel art (frequently found in old video games). Wikipedia's article compares several algorithms and shows some impressive results. This paper was also recently released and also gives excellent results. The supplementary material link lets you visually compare different algorithms.

3/18/11 Gil's LotD: Blood lamp This lamp uses a drop of blood to power itself.

1/16/11 Gil's LotD: mySQLgame SQL queries the video game.

1/3/11 Gil's LotD: Sandwich database Help create the world's largest database of sandwiches.


12/27/10 Gil's LotD: Six Degrees of Wikipedia This website shows the shortest path between any two Wikipedia pages.

8/20/10 Gil's LotD


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