Best of LotD

3/31/11 Gil's LotD: Scouting NY This blog is full of all kinds of cool and obscure New York City locations by a movie scout.

3/25/11 Gil's LotD: The Beatles The Beatles perform Hey Jude on TV.

3/23/11 Gil's LotD: Barry Lyndon A classic scene from the movie Barry Lyndon.

3/21/11 Gil's LotD: The Gervais Principle A look at the different types of characters in The Office and how they work together.

3/17/11 Gil's LotD: Tritium keychain A keychain with a sample of radioactive material so it can glow in the dark.

3/8/11 Gil's LotD: Paper barbarians This artist creates very intricate sculptures out of paper. Be sure to click around his website.

3/8/11 Gil's LotD: TLO roll call This is one of the best things I've ever seen. You must see it.

3/4/11 Gil's LotD: Timothy Treadwell The subject of the documentary Grizzly Man. Timothy lived with the bears and when the bears starved they ate him.

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2/27/11 Gil's LotD: HTML 5 Zombocom Zombocom has been reproduced with HTML 5 technologies.

2/21/11 Gil's LotD: An Infrastructure Pilgrimage The story of a trip to the world's largest rail yard in North Platte, Nebraska.

2/21/11 Gil's LotD crap: To Catch A Criminal A parody of To Catch A Predator. Be sure to see this one.

2/17/11 Gil's LotD: Komeda

2/8/11 Gil's LotD: Pac-Man A very thorough article about Pac-Man. Be sure to read the description of the ghost AI.

2/4/11 Gil's LotD: Cathedral of Learning The Cathedral of Learning is an incredible skyscraper on the University of Pittsburgh's campus.

2/3/11 Gil's LotD: Tiny ELF binaries A really informative guide about creating really small ELF binaries.

12/11/10 Gil's LotD: Typing speed Race other people in real time to find out your typing speed. I can pretty consistently get 80 wpm and peak at 100 wpm.

11/19/10 Gil's LotD: Stereolab Stereolab - Wow And Flutter. This video is very highly recommended. I am a huge fan of Stereolab. This is possibly the greatest LotD of all time.

11/15/10 Gil's LotD: Star Wars credits A jazzier version of the credits to Star Wars: A New Hope.

11/11/10 Gil's LotD: Bugs in the original Xbox This is an incredibly comprehensive article detailing the architecture and security mistakes in the original Xbox. Because of these oversights people were able to mod the Xbox. This article is a must read.

11/5/10 Gil's LotD crap: Ace and Gary

10/23/10 Gil's LotD: Dave Secretary Stories from the author's childhood. This is a must read.

10/18/10 Gil's LotD: Philip Glass

10/15/10 Gil's LotD: The Hot Toddies The Hot Toddies perform Photosynthesis live. Unfortunately the quality is pretty bad.

10/10/10 Gil's LotD crap

10/4/10 Gil's LotD Le Tigre vs. D4L. There are many other mixes on

9/28/10 Gil's LotD: We conjure the spirits of the computer with our spells The book Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs by Gerald Sussman and Hal Abelson is available for free online. This was the introductory computer science textbook at MIT for several decades.