Sweet Honey Cornbread

I pulled this recipe from Everyday Dutch Oven. I hadn't cooked it before but decided to give it a shot at my first DOG! I understand it's kind of mean to try something out on strangers but I'll cook what I want to cook, damn it.

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Absolutely amazing. I'm writing this while waiting for my second batch to ferment. They came out so incredibly well that I couldn't stop thinking about them all day.

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Herb Cheese Bread

Another recipe from the lovely Dutch Oven Madness. I saw she was interviewed for a podcast by another blogger, I'll have to check that out later.

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French Bread, part II

Today I have made yet another loaf of French bread. I've followed the recipe from Mark's Black Pot pretty faithfully. I would have pictures for this blog of the preparation but it appears the mystery camera decided to not save them.

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Shepherd's Bread

Another recipe from the excellent Dutch Oven Madness. This recipe uses yeast aggressively and doesn't sit out for too long. My end result was a fluffy, dense and slightly moist crumb and a pale and slightly tough crust (probably not enough coals on top). The technical aspects of the bread were easily enough achieved but I was not a fan of the taste. The combination of the bland taste and density reminded me of dumplings. My mother was a fan.

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The New York Times' No-Knead Bread

One of my noble goals for dutch oven productions is a loaf of fluffy, tasty bread. I plan on eating it warm with butter. This New York Times article was highly recommended by both the Intertubes and family. My results were not very successful.

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