8/18/06 Gil's LotD Engrish pictures. This is a video of water dripping in a strobe light. The result is water that looks like it's frozen in time.

8/13/06 Gil's LotD The city of Venice sculpted in legos. Japan is trying out generators installed in turnstiles that will generate electricity when people walk through them.

8/6/06 Gil's LotD Very realistic vector art, which is a type of digital art that takes a long time to do very accurate details like the ones in these pictures. Cool photo of space launch.

7/15/06 Gil's LotD how high of a pitch you can hear. I can hear 16000 Hz but not 17000 Hz.


7/14/06 Gil's LotD: Birds, Google, Windows This video is about a bird that is able to mimic the sounds it hears around it, including sounds of people. This is an amazing video. An interview with a Google employee.

7/10/06 Gil's LotD Photos from a high altitude weather balloon. Skip the intro to go to the main site. This site has a video feed of a crash test dummy glued to the ceiling, and you can fire tennis balls at it using the website.

7/6/06 Gil's LotD A video clip of Nelson Mandela explaining the concept of Ubuntu. This is a collection of sound clips recorded of different space bodies by sattelites.

7/5/06 Gil's LotD Run Internet Explorer 6 under MacOS X using WINE. Scientists recently found explanations for some unsolved mysteries about Plutonium.

6/28/06 Gil's LotD All of the programs that take advantage of the motion sensors in the latest Mac laptops, very cool. The Oops list of crashed vehicles. Another Diet Coke and Mentos video.

6/27/06 Gil's LotD Pictures of a butterfly which has transparent windows in its wings.


6/26/06 Gil's LotD Photos of a cave that has enormus crystals. A cool flash app which uses the mouse to make Jackson Pollock style paintings on the screen.


6/24/06 Gil's LotD Instructions on how to make a vacuum cleaner into a cannon. Starting fire with a lens made of ice.

5/18/06 Gil's LotD Gil's LotD is back. An optical illusion. Pictures of common drugs that have been dissolved and made to grow into crystals and then photographed.


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