A random collection of daily links drawn from the depths of the Internet.

10/14/12 Gil's LotD: Statistics and R

http://ipsur.org/ An introductory textbook to statistics and the R programming language.

10/10/12 Gil's LotD: Drive farming

http://blog.backblaze.com/2012/10/09/backblaze_drive_farming/ The story of how one company dealt with a worldwide hard drive shortage.

9/17/12 Gil's LotD: Google Maps art

http://abduzeedo.com/clever-google-maps-manipulations-christoph-niemann Clever art drawn in the style of Google Maps. I think this really shows off how well-made the Google Maps design language is.

9/16/12 Gil's LotD: Flight Radar

http://www.flightradar24.com/ See flights in real-time from everywhere around the world.

8/18/12 Gil's LotD: The Infinitely Profitable Program

http://peetm.com/blog/?p=55 The story of GO.COM, a commercially successful program with no instructions.

8/4/12 Gil's LotD: In rem jurisdiction

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In_rem_jurisdiction In rem jurisdiction is the power a court has over property when the property itself is responsible.

7/30/12 Gil's LotD: The High Water Marks

http://thehighwatermarks.bandcamp.com/ Listen to The High Water Marks' latest album for free online. I'm surprised how quickly "Almost April" became one of my favorite songs.


7/28/12 Gil's LotD: Source Filmmaker

Valve has released the tool used to make its animated skits. It's already been put to good use to make the impressive Falcon punch video and a parody of Kayne West's music video for his song Power. I expect some great, high-quality videos to be made by hobbyists with this tool over the next year.

6/16/12 Gil's LotD: GNU toolchain

http://atgreen.github.com/ggx/ A step-by-step guide to adding support to the GNU toolchain for a new architecture.


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