A random collection of daily links drawn from the depths of the Internet.

9/30/11 Gil's LotD: ResExcellence

http://www.resexcellence.com/ The long-defunct Mac website ResExcellence has returned with its old content. Back in the day this site had all kinds of information about the workings of Macintosh systems and I personally learned quite a bit from it in grade school and junior high. It certainly set me on the path that led me to learning everything I know about software.

9/26/11 Gil's LotD: Urban exploration

http://www.nopromiseofsafety.com/ Photo shoots from all kinds of places you're not supposed to visit. Unfortunately the fish-eye effect kinda destroys many of the pictures.

9/24/11 Gil's LotD: Solving laundry

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caVo6EJFV8s Berkeley researchers have designed robots and software capable of folding laundry.

9/23/11 Gil's LotD: Game of Thrones recipes

http://innatthecrossroads.com/ Recipes from George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones fantasy series.

9/22/11 Gil's LotD: DHCP performance

http://cafbit.com/entry/rapid_dhcp_or_how_do An investigation into how Apple systems get a DHCP lease so quickly.


9/19/11 Gil's LotD: Inventables

http://www.inventables.com/ An online store to buy all kinds of cool little materials.

9/18/11 Gil's LotD: Egg tricks

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PN2gYHJNT3Y How to peel a hard-boiled egg without peeling.


9/16/11 Gil's LotD: Flying wing

http://omahamakergroup.org/2011/06/29/5-flying-wing This is a single sheet of plastic which easily flies with a tiny motor and can be steered remotely. Pretty cool.


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